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I am a cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy. The 21 days broth detox programme helped in increasing my white blood cell count! Even my doctor was surprised! I am extremely grateful to Calvin for his helpfulness and sincere spirit!

At first, going on the 21 days programme was a little uncomfortable. However by the time I reached the second week, I lost about 6kg already. Amazing! I can feel my nails and skin get better. Recommended!

I love the broths! My skin has been so glowy and I lost a huge amount of weight. My family members say that I look so good now. Can't believe it, Calvin has been an absolute help in this journey. Thank you Calvin!

What you need to know:

"Let food be Thy medicine" - Hippocrates

What is the 21 days Bone Broth Detox Programme?

The number 21 is the number of days for your body to adopt a new habit/lifestyle change. The 21 days Bone Broth Detox aims to:

1. Reset your body into it's fullest state in terms of health

2. Reset your gut. Good gut, good health, good immune system.

3. Encourage your body to start burning fats as fuel

4. Increase muscle growth and bone density

5. Encourage skin/hair growth to be healthy

It is not an easy programme to take on but the results are guaranteed!

21 Day Booster Weight Loss/

Body Reset Package (NEW!)

Leave your meal planning and weight loss goal to us!

- We will plan your meals for you

- Meal plans + Bone Broth, 1 free snack included per week

- Follow our guidelines and see results!

Due to high amounts of orders, please note that the cut off's for the next available delivery day will be affected. 

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