21 days Bone Broth Detox /Diet

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

A Personal Message

Amazing !!!21 Day Bone Broth Diet

To all who is out there, I have decided to embark on a 21 day bone broth diet along with my wife. You must be wondering why the number 21?

The number 21 has been proven via statistics and science that it is the number of days needed to change a habit, form a new habit. (21/90 Rule, MLM Mindset) - Maxwell Maltz (Author of "Psycho-Cybernetics")

Personally, I had experienced significant weight gain and eczema due to aging and stress over the past few years. I decided to embark on the bone broth diet as I have personally experienced in short term the benefits of consuming the broth daily. There are several reviews and articles written by online health and food gurus on how bone broth can help with a lot of physical problems such as tiredness and even psoriasis.

I am doing a Singapore style hawker food Keto diet with bone broth cutting carbo and sugar intake to the lowest. To date the the result is Amazing!!!

I will be recording my journey in these 21 days to show you how bone broth can also benefit you in so many ways. You will then have to try it for yourself and I guarantee that it does great help to you physically and

mentally. So await the results of my experience which I will be uploading soon!

Calvin Yong

Avid Believer in the Bone Broth


Hi People, As promise, I am updating you all on my 21 day Bone Broth diet. My Wife and I ended our 21 days diet yesterday . The result was amazing , it’s exceeded our expectations . I loss 6.8kg (85.6kg to 78.8kg)

and my eczema condition improved tremendously.(From 2 outbreaks every week to only one small outbreak during the last 21 day) My Wife loss 2.6 kg.(hehe because she got lesser fat than I have and less active. She claims that she has better figure now😍and no more cold hands and feet. Praise God!

Personally I think Bone Broth dieting is a healthy and safe way to loss weight ! It’s help digestion, enforce the immune system,increases energy levels,makes your skin glow ,protect joints ......

Calvin Yong


Hi people, It’s been 3 months since I finished my 21 days Bone Broth diet plan. I continue my high fat low carb Keto diet with bone broth . Guess what? I loss another 8.2kg !! 680g per week!! All together since the 21 day diet to now I shed 15kg😊 . I use to wear size 34 , ha ha now can fit into size 28.

That’s not all . I am on hypertension medication for more than 10 years .(stage 1 hypertension)) Now my blood pressure are back to normal even without taking medication for one whole month. Amazing!

Please WhatsApp me at. 82284242 if you want to know more about the 21 day Bone Broth Detox/ weight loss diet.

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