Bone Broth, 21 Day Detox - Is it really good for me?

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

A better tomorrow begins with you today.

With the readily available information about what can contribute to better health (eg, kinds of food intake, kinds of exercises), most people have the autonomy to make decisions about their health and decide what is good for themselves.

Collagen supplements, acai powder, quinoa seeds, hemp seeds, flaxseeds, avocado oil – you name it. These are among the top 20 searches on Google that are products related to health. Type in the keyword “detox” and you will find so many websites and businesses offering 7 day/ 3 day/ 2 weeks detox plans that are promised to give you great results like rebooting your metabolism, cleansing your digestive system and removing toxins from your body.

I want to share something good today – the 21 day bone broth detox by Broth48. Not only is this detox 100% natural (only wholesome ingredients are used to create the bone broth, no preservatives are used), it promises long term great results and it is 100% easy to take on. Is the 21 day bone broth detox good for you? Yes it is, I have seen too many clients benefit from it and I will not keep the truth from you. Experiencing is believing.

What exactly is bone broth and how is it good for you? What then is the 21 day bone broth detox? Let me share it with you.

1. Broth is Not Soup

When you think about the word “broth”, you would naturally associate it with soup. Both are not extremely different but are still different in some ways. Soup can easily be created with minimal amount of time whereas broth on the other hand requires a certain amount of time and usually is created with the method of simmering. Bone broth is a product of simmering ingredients along with bone marrows to create a gelatinous and extremely aromatic and thick liquid. This liquid is highly nutritious and Broth48 by Keto Indulgence pride ourselves in using ONLY wholesome ingredients, no preservatives and simmering it for no less than 48 HOURS.

You can choose to drink the broth on its own (which is so good) or use it as a base for your porridge or soup. Some of our customers do that.

Anyone can consume bone broth. We have customers ranging from infants to elderly adults, bone broth is for everyone.

2. Bone broth is in fact the best investment you can get yourself

Bone broth is highly nutritious. Simmering bones with wholesome ingredients will give you the result of a liquid that contains high amounts of amino acid, Calcium, Magnesium and also Vitamin B6. The main benefits of bone broth is that it can:

a. Seal the “leaky gut.” The “leaky gut” is a syndrome which by recent studies have shown to have large contribution to many chronic diseases. Since bone broth contains large amounts of amino acid and have gut healing properties, it is a good product to consume to reboot your gut health and get your body working well. A good gut goes a long way.

b. Help to repair skin and hair health. Bone broth contains a lot of collagen and also promotes the body to create more protein to make good your skin and hair health. Many of our customers have mentioned that they have benefited from consistent consumption of the bone broth and they have seen the difference in healthier skin, hair and nails.

c. Promote weight loss. Bone broth when combined with a low carbohydrate/ keto diet can actually help one to achieve drastic weight loss. This has been proven by many of our customers.

There are many other benefits that come with it. Some of our customers have mentioned that Broth48’s bone broth diet has helped them to reduce their blood pressure. Everybody is different and results may vary a little for everyone, but generally – Broth48’s bone broth is well-liked and we are true to our words, we never keep anything good from anyone.

Health is the key to seeing yourself spend more quality time with people you love. Hectic work schedules? Fret not. The bone broth will offer you the nutrition you need even if you do not have time to whip up wholesome healthy meals for yourself.

3. You need the 21 day detox

Here comes the crucial part – Broth48’s 21 day bone broth detox programme. This is not a scam, neither a hoax. You are not spending your money on something that does not work.

The 21 day bone broth detox is planned after the 21 day of "creating a new habit" and will help you to reboot your gut health, get rid of the junk in your body and help you create a new you. Most of all, the 21 days is well planned to help your body adjust to the consumption of a highly nutritious product. Once the programme is over, you will find yourself different in a good way and bone broth consumption then will be easily integrated into your lifestyle.

Our 21 day is so well received that many have introduced people they know to our product. Many have experienced first hand improvements to their overall health and energy levels. Most of all, most have experienced weight loss. Our broth is keto friendly, gluten free, low carb and wholesome. No preservatives are used.

We recommend that if you are new to the broth diet, try this and you will not regret it. 21 days of bone broth diet may seem like a change but if you want to see serious results, then you have got to do something drastic.

Our broths can be collected at Elyon Café (126 Bukit Merah Lane 1, #01-202, Singapore 150126) or delivered to you free (one time). The broths can be kept in the freezer for up to 3 months and when opened to consume, still tastes so good.

So, is the 21 day bone broth detox good for you? Is bone broth good for you? Absolutely.

Challenge yourself today, challenge yourself to set a goal and work towards it to see a new you. Eat well, feel well, sleep well. A better tomorrow begins with you today. #goodbrothgoodlife

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