How to "do" the Keto Diet (In Busy Singapore)

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

With good health, you can do many things. Nothing is impossible when you put your heart to it.

With 2019 being labelled as the year of the “diets”, - “Paleo, Vegan, Low carb”, Ketogenic Diet AKA keto diet has been in the recent spotlight. An increasing number of Singaporeans have jumped on the bandwagon of the Keto Diet, originating from the States. Due to our hectic and stressful lifestyle, many people have issues with their health or weight – all contributed by poor diet and lifestyle choices.

The Keto Diet offers a fast solution to weight loss and on top of that, promotes satiety (due to high fat intake) and also is a good diet for people who struggle with Type 2 Diabetes and cancer (due to the elimination of added sugar and limitation of general sugar intake).

However like many diets, one is required to have discipline and to take effort to be more conscious of one’s nutritional intake. The question is not so much on whether or not one can go on the keto diet, but rather can one go on the keto diet long – term. Sustainability is a big factor to every diet.

How exactly then can we DO the keto diet especially in a carb-fueled Asian Society like Singapore? It all starts from small changes.

1. Stop having the mind-set that the keto diet has to be expensive

While it may be true that the general cost of living in Singapore is slightly high, doing the keto diet does not have to be costly. People usually see the keto diet as a diet that is expensive. The point is not to stuff your face with cheese or with avocadoes or high quality cuts of fatty beef. The key to making the keto diet more sustainable to your pocket is to do it right, listen to your body.

We tend to overeat most of the time. Eliminate overeating. Only eat when you’re hungry and eat till you are 80% full, not filled to the brim. Eating the right portions of high fat foods will make you satiated for long hours. So if you are always hungry, something must be wrong.

This way, you consume less food, are still in the keto diet and your pocket is less in threat.

2. Eat real food, whole foods

Moving on, invest in whole foods. Not “dirty keto” where hidden carbs are found. For example – meat that are deep fried with flour or vegetables that are stir fried with starch. That is not truly keto. Of course the easiest choice will be to have an occasional quick fix at a local coffee shop. You buy, eat and go. It’s fast and cheap.

However if you truly care for your health and want to see serious results, then take what you put into your body more seriously. Prepare your own meals, which is the best. It is not difficult to take a little more time to do some meal prep during the weekends. There are a lot of keto recipes on Pinterest, you can refer to them. Cooking does not mean that you have to create a storm in the kitchen. Invest in some good seasoning and herbs, sprinkle some over your meat and vegetables. Pop them in the oven/ stir fry them. Just a few hours set aside for one day could do wonders for you every day.

3. Have a goal in mind, record your journey even if seems "insignificant"

Have a goal. Write down that goal. Stick it somewhere where you will see it every day – E.g your mirror. Recording your journey via a diary, taking pictures, videos, vlogging or even simply writing down your thoughts in your smartphone can really contribute to your journey in the diet. It will motivate you to keep to your goals, remind you on why you started and to push you to continue.

A small change no matter how "insignificant it may seem is still a change." Embrace the change, keep pushing yourself to see more changes. Everyone is built differently, results will differ so expect that. But don't stop just because you haven't seen any changes.

Don’t stop, never stop. Not having any goal is like navigating a ship on waters to nowhere.

4. No time? You can make time

I have heard this countless times. “I have no time to go on this diet.” “It’s too troublesome, time consuming.” Nothing will ever be troublesome or time consuming if it becomes part of your routine. The key is to start because if you don’t start, you will never get anywhere.

It depends on what you set as priority, it is all about planning. 24 hours in a day is not too little for you to start making little changes to your lifestyle and diet. Put that mind-set behind that the keto diet is daunting and hard, expensive and non-sustainable.

Start first with small things like eliminating all foods in your kitchen that contains added sugar. Then move on to clear carbohydrate rich foods that can sabotage your diet and finally, stock up on fats – certain nuts, avocadoes, eggs, fatty meat etc.

It can be doable and done in the long-term once you set a goal and work towards it. You have to weigh your choices and think long-term. As 2019 nearly comes to an end, set yourself some goals.

With good health, you can do many things. Nothing is impossible when you put your heart to it. Your body is more amazing than what you think it can do. Create a new version of yourself today.

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