Your gut health may be more important than you think – 5 Signs of an unhealthy gut

Do you know that your gut health – also known as your digestive health is a huge indicator for the general health of your body? Your gut can affect your overall well-being if you don’t keep a look out for it. Believe it or not, your gut health can affect your mood, cause anxiety and even in the long-term, lead to chronic diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes.

Here are 5 signs to look out for to know if you should cut out the current diet or lifestyle that you’re on.

1. Constant Stomach Upsets

You have constant bloating, often experience a lot of gas in your stomach. Occasionally, you get the diarrhoea. This is a sign that the good bacteria in your gut is overturned. According to Harvard Health Publishing: Harvard Medical School, an increase of good gut bacteria can reduce your chances of getting certain Chronic Diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes and Cancer. An increase of good gut bacteria will help with regular and smoother bowel movements.

2. Lack of energy/ Constant Fatigue

You experience lack of energy of energy most of the time, you feel tired mostly. You always feel like you have to lie down to rest. You lack the energy to go to work and to school, you’re mostly tired even when sedentary.

3. Skin Problems

You experience skin problems such as Eczema and Acne. Your skin is irritated and constantly inflamed. Do you know that skin problems are often connected to the gut? This is also known as a “leaky gut” and can affect your skin. Your skin is largest organ in your body and its appearance is a reflection of what is happening within your body. Such skin problems happen due to inflammation in your body.

4. Trouble Sleeping

You have trouble sleeping often. You find it very hard to go to sleep and it could be due to your stomach problems or just general anxiety. When your gut is unwell, it can also affect you mentally.

5. Falling Ill Often

You find that you fall ill very easily. Falling ill easily could be a sign that your good gut bacteria is not doing its job.

A good and healthy gut is key to have a good life. In that way, you will reduce your chances of getting Chronic Disease and also possibly reverse any uncomfortable side effects of having an affected gut.

Want to know a solution that can really help you?

The bone broth is the best product to consume for your gut.

The composition of the broth makes it so that each time you consume it, you encourage good gut bacteria. This could in turn reduce inflammation in your body and give you a good night’s rest. Cut out unhealthy foods such as highly processed snacks, foods that contain high amounts of added sugar.

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